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Liv Benelx Winster

                        Multi Champion

          Jive Talking From Service Paradise

                         Liv for friends,

Liv parents are GCH Hyspire Who Dat From Breckin and Starshimmer From Service Paradise.

At the world dogshow Milaan 2015 started Liv her show career ,Liv became best female puppy and received the title World Hope

She is now Dutch & Belgium Junior Champion 

-Dutch Champion

-Benelux Winster

-Croatian Champion

-Croatian Grand Champion

-International Show Champion

-Crufts qualified for life.

HD-A, ED-free , eyes free ECVO 2020

PRA-CM-HNPK-RD-DM Clear EIC carrier

Liv is more than a show dog, she also likes to work with children and young adults with a mental and/or physical disability.



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